Caviar, a Russian brand of luxury smartphones and accessories, has presented a capsule collection of designs based on the novelties of the Korean electronics giant: the precious Samsung Z-Flip 3 and the brutal Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung's foldable smartphones, the first of which was launched in 2019, are a breakthrough in the world of electronics and tech. In August 2021, the company is preparing to present two new products at once in its Z-Flip and Z-Fold lines. Russian jewelers decided to emphasize the ingenuity of new folding models by creating luxury gadget designs with one of the most provocative symbols in fashion and art of the 21st century - precious skulls.

The Skull capsule collection includes two models: Catrina Calavera, based on the elegant Samsung Z-Flip 3, and Ragnarok, based on the solid Galaxy Z Fold 3. Both designs appeal to immortal mythological images.

The Catrina Calavera model's striking 18K white gold skull with 18K gold is encrusted with many precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies make an incredible riot of colors and shine dazzlingly in the sun. Where are 419 gemstones in total! The design of Katrina's skull reflects the famous work of Diego Rivera, husband of Frida Kahlo, entitled "A Dream of a Sunday Night in Alameda Park."

While the Catrina Calavera design is full of vibrant colors, like the streets of Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, the Ragnarok is presented in a darker, black and red gammut. In the center of the composition there is a fiery skull - the symbol of the Scandinavian king of fire, the giant Surt. According to the Elder Edda, it is the blow of his fiery sword, that will give rise to Ragnarok - the last battle of the gods. Scarlet flashes of flame flutter around it, applied to the cover of the smartphone by hand in the technique of painting with jewelry enamel. The choice of materials will delight those who appreciate durable and laconic solutions: blackened titanium and impact-resistant composite stone provide the gadget with additional protection and give an impressive appearance.

Both models are available in limited editions. Very complex in production, requiring sophisticated manual work, Katrina will be released in only 20 pieces. It is a little easier to become the owner of the Caviar Galaxy Z Fold 3 Ragnarok - this design will be presented in an edition of 99 smartphones.

The cost of the model starts from 10 770 $.